It Takes A Village

As with children, it takes a combined effort of many people to provide care for the beagles residing at the Beagle Bungalow. I have often worried about how things would go if I suddenly became ill. It was heartwarming to see the number of volunteers step up to help when a respiratory problem laid me low for 3 weeks this spring! The beagles never missed a meal or their lunch time cookie!

There are volunteers at the bungalow most days. Helping with yard chores, cleaning the bungalow, or just playing with the pups! One volunteer came and treated 8 beagles to a spa treatment! Bathes, nails, and ears were all taken care of! This summer we have a trainer coming a few times a week to work with the feral beagles. We have seen 2 of these beagles move to foster homes. Paws crossed that their socialization continues, and they will be ready for adoption soon!

Over the last few months, the census at the bungalow has shifted from long term residents to an increasing number of younger beagles that are highly adoptable. The lack of enough foster homes to take care of the steady influx of beagles needing rescue is the problem. Please go to the HBHR web site and click on the link for fostering. We need as many new foster homes as possible!

If you can not donate your time, please consider donating funds for the continuing care of these beagles. Our piggy bank gets nearly empty by the end of each month. You can make a one-time donation or sign up for a monthly reoccurring donation. Every dollar helps in the care of these pups and the upkeep of their home. Thank you for your support.

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