The Beagle

The Beagle Bungalow is a sanctuary for elderly beagles that have lost their families and are in need of a place to call home due to medical issues or age. The Bungalow is dedicated to Charlie Roberts and all first beagles.

It is also a temporary boarding facility where adoptable hounds wait for a Houston Beagle and Hound Rescue foster home with the ultimate goal of adoption into their forever home.

Welcome to the best place on earth for beagles!

Opening in 2022, the Beagle Bungalow is a product of the love for the breed by real people who have worked in beagle rescue for decades!

The dogs have their own indoor space with dog door access, acreage to run on and a reliable group of live-in helpers and volunteers to make sure all of their needs are met.

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What's New

Taking Care of Your Senior Beagle

As the Bungalow takes in more seniors who have lost their homes, it is evident that routine health care for these dogs is lacking.  Though many seniors do not require updating all their vaccines as often as when younger, they do need that annual exam.  The examination should include a...

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Update for Memorial Pathway:

Memorial Pathway was unveiled at the BYOB. Our surprise guest visited the first section! Please email us at: to request an order form so that you can honor your first beagle or any that you want to remember! We want to see all those blank bricks replaced before the...

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