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Mission Statement

The mission of The Beagle Bungalow, Inc. (a non-profit 501(c) 3) is to provide a sanctuary for rescued beagles and hounds in need of long-term care due to age and/or medical conditions.  Those who are too debilitated, old, or ill to be placed in a loving home can remain at the sanctuary to live out their days, surrounded by caretakers and volunteers who put the animals’ well-being first.  In addition, The Beagle Bungalow provides boarding, assessment and training of newly rescued beagles or hounds until they can be placed in a Houston Beagle and Hound Rescue, Inc. (a nonprofit Texas corporation) foster home.

Our long-term goal is to educate the public on responsible pet ownership with the understanding that having a dog is a commitment for the entire life of the animal.  The Beagle Bungalow is incorporated in the state of Texas and our federal EIN number is 88-2304043.

Beagles are a beautiful, fun and playful breed.  They ooze personality far into their senior years. People who love this breed love it for life.  The comfort, devotion, and love that a beagle gives their human are boundless.

Patience is key when starting with a beagle puppy!  This breed is known for their stubbornness and for being led by their noses. Many, many rescue beagles come in as puppies for being “too hard to handle” and young males, usually under the age of 2, are turned in the most as a result of their antics.

However, the second largest group to come in is seniors. Typical reasons given for this might be: a new puppy came in and the senior beagle is not willing to put up with their foolish behavior or chooses to be the top dog; or, medical issues develop that require attention for the remainder of the dog’s life and it becomes overwhelming for the family.

Whatever the reason, The Beagle Bungalow saw the need for a safe haven that is not a shelter where most senior animals that are never adopted face a grim fate.

 We offer a loving home with a large shaded yard to run, plenty of scents to explore and a pack of friends to snuggle with. Volunteers shower the beagles with love and attention, nutritional food and plenty of treats!

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