How I ended up in the 'low

Beagles are a special and wonderful breed. They come with special instructions, however! We chat about those here!


Cyrus is an 8 y/o male who came with a dozen plus beagle from a hoarding situation in Sount Houston. Cyrus originally went to Austin but his foster family there is moving and there is not a place for him to go. Cyrus is still more feral than not. He will come for treats and sure know when Cookie Time is! He will stay at the Sanctuary for as long as it takes to comfortable around people.


8 y/o Eve is the most skittish of all the dogs rescued from that hoarding situation. She knows her dog door and knows her name. She hops up on the couch where she expects her treat or dinner bowl to be placed. She has taken a treat from a hand only once and she was terrified that she would be touched! She is playing more with her pack mates and does not run and hide when visitors come into the yard. Slow but steady progress!


Dinah is a 7 y/o cutie who came from that same hoarder. She is very skittish around people. After two months, she has gotten brave enough to take a treat from a hand! Progress is slow when socializing these feral dogs. She learned the dog door after we finally were convinced that coming in for dinner did not mean being locked up forever! She has the cutest little bay that she loves to use!


Lydia is a 12 y/o female who came from a hoarding situation. She was malnourished and tested positive for heart worms. Severe anemia from years of poor diet and hookworms is slowly resolving. She has gained weight and when her blood count is close to normal, she can get a much needed dental exam and cleaning. She is a sweet and loving. She has the cutest little whine when she wants her ears scratched! She will make a wonderful companion some day!


Dallas is a 7 y/o male who plays like a 2 year old! Dallas was an owner surrender to HBHR and has been living at the Bungalow since February. He loves being the vocal member of a large pack and showing off at how he can beat the pups to any ball thrown! Both of Dallas’s kneecaps pop out at times and makes him walk bow-legged! The surgery that would correct this problem requires the dog to be confined in a crate for 6 weeks with minimal activity. Dallas will never agree to this! He hopes that one day, he will find some family that loves bow-legged boys!


Bebe is a 10 year female who was found stray. Bebe has been with HBHR for almost a year. She has tried out living with two foster families and in both cases started having “accidents” in the house! In the last foster home, she had a dog door so maybe she prefers a larger pack or younger boys to play with! Bebe enjoys life at the Bungalow and has great house manners while here. She is holding out for that perfect home with a young boy to play with her and a tile floor!


Holly turns 16 this year. She has had a wonderful life filled with love since being found on the streets 13 years ago! Her Mom recently took a job overseas, so Holly has moved to the bungalow to spend the rest of her Golden Years. She loves going out and exploring the yards with frequent naps throughout the day. She recently lost her sister, Milan, to cancer but has adjusted to Milan being gone well. Holly makes a sweet addition to our permanent crew!


Festus an 11 y/o male who has been a yard dog most of his life. As an owner surrender, he will stay at the bungalow for evaluation. Males can be a little testy when neutered later in life, but Festus is a sweetheart! He loves his new buddy, Buster and follows him everywhere! He is smart and has learned the routine quickly. He is a little chunky for his old joints so is really food motivated while on a diet!