Beagle 101


The Beagle Bungalow provides long term care for beagles who are ‘unadoptable’ due to age and / or medical problems as well as short term care for recently rescued beagles. The Beagle Bungalow works hand in hand with the Houston Hound and Beagle Rescue to find foster homes for these dogs, and eventually forever homes for each beagle to call his own.

The beagles that come to the Bungalow each have a story to tell.  Check out the highlighted bios under “How Did I End Up at the ‘Low”!

Many are found stray and come to us from shelters or good Samaritans who kept them safe until they could get to rescue.   Just as many come as owner surrenders.  What most have in common, is that their story begins with a family that did not understand the beagle personality!  

Education is a key goal to keeping the beagles with their families.  Please follow our blogs each month about normal beagle behavior and caring for your senior beagle.  

We welcome ideas and comments, so contact us at and comment on the Facebook page where each blog will also be posted.


Like all dogs, beagles bark at people, things and sounds they hear. Beagles also bay, which can be beautiful and melodic. While beagles can be loud, and too stubborn to stop barking when you say to, there is a way to stop them without distress to you or the animal!


A simple water bottle with a little vinegar sprayed on their nose often stops the nuisance barking!

Healthy beagles can live well into their teen years! While things like weight issues, cancer, and other lifestyle choices can shorten these pups years, there are many seniors still wagging their tails at 14+! 

The general rule for a beagle is from about 19-24 pounds for an 11 - 15" beagle. While we hear the laughing, we do know that a healthy weight beagle has less health issues as they age. But, just like people, beagles are unique and weights can vary. 


Ask your vet what the ideal weight for your little hound is! 

The vet will give you the best advice for your dog,, but you can get help elsewhere for this question. Most dog foods have the suggested serving size right on the bag!


Divide it in 2 if you want to feed twice a day. 


We do recommended a slow food bowl for your fast eater. You can get them for very little cost in stores and online. They help slow our food obsessed beagles down at mealtime, buying you peace of mind and little Snoopy less indigestion!



Oh, did you want more?


Beagles are very smart but very scent and food driven. It is what makes them such great hunting dogs. It also makes them hard of hearing! 


Little tricks like the above mentioned water bottle and consistent training will help keep your beagles annoying stubborn habits at bay! 

Beagles are short hair dogs that need little more than a bath, nail trim and good ear cleaning every few months. 


If your beagle drags his hiney across your favorite carpet, he may also need his anal glands expressed. 


You can learn to do it, have your groomer do it or take your pup to the vet. 


Gentle shampoo and a good brushing are always good for a dogs coat!