Taking Care of Your Senior Beagle

As the Bungalow takes in more seniors who have lost their homes, it is evident that routine health care for these dogs is lacking.  Though many seniors do not require updating all their vaccines as often as when younger, they do need that annual exam.  The examination should include a blood panel that will detect any medical problems before symptoms appear.

Diet is the next most important item.  Old joints do not need to carry extra weight around.  Feed your dog an amount that is appropriate for his size and limit treats to a couple times a day.  Try switching to carrots or green beans for those extra treats that they beg for!   Dry kibble is best to control the tartar build up on their teeth.  You can always give them a spoonful of wet food or a few pieces of shredded chicken on top!  Many senior foods have joint supplements to insure healthy joints. 

Dental care is also important.  People often delay or skip dental cleaning due to poor health, but a dog’s life can be shortened by infections that come from living with poor dental hygiene.

Finally, make sure that your senior gets his daily walk and plenty of snuggle time, to ensure that he has a long and happy life!

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