Who's new in the 'low

Here is a continuation of our furry friends in the ‘low!


10 y/o Poco was an owner surrender. She is overweight and not fully house broken after being a yard dog for years. She is sweet and loving and has quickly adjusted to life with a warm bed to sleep in! She will stay at the Bungalow until she is ready for life with a family of her own!


This red tick coonhound mix was found stray and taken to a shelter in Waco. She was timid and would not interact with adoptive families. HBHR was called to give this girl a second chance. At the ‘Low, she is slowly learning to trust people and will come for pets more often now. She loves squeaky toys and is learning to play with others. Watching the others in the pack interact with humans is the best medicine we can give this beautiful girl!


Jordy is a 4 y/o female who was hit by a car in Louisiana. A good Samaritan found her and got her to HBHR after initial medical treatment. Though she is recovering well from a fractured pelvis, she is very feral and will need time to be socialized. She is a smart little thing and knows to get back in her crate at treat or feeding time! She has let her caretaker give her some pets in the evening but has a long way to go!


Forbes is a 15 y/o male who was an owner surrender from Louisiana where his family could no longer provide care for him. He had a hard time adjusting to life at the sanctuary, but his appetite is back and he starting to explore more. He picks a different bed each time he decides that he needs a nap!


Bebe is a 10 year female who was found stray. Bebe has been with HBHR for almost a year. She has tried out living with two foster families and in both cases started having “accidents” in the house! In the last foster home, she had a dog door so maybe she prefers a larger pack or younger boys to play with! Bebe enjoys life at the Bungalow and has great house manners while here. She is holding out for that perfect home with a young boy to play with her and a tile floor!


Lydia is a 12 y/o female who came from a hoarding situation. She was malnourished and tested positive for heart worms. Severe anemia from years of poor diet and hookworms is slowly resolving. She has gained weight and when her blood count is close to normal, she can get a much needed dental exam and cleaning. She is a sweet and loving. She has the cutest little whine when she wants her ears scratched! She will make a wonderful companion some day!


Festus an 11 y/o male who has been a yard dog most of his life. As an owner surrender, he will stay at the bungalow for evaluation. Males can be a little testy when neutered later in life, but Festus is a sweetheart! He loves his new buddy, Buster and follows him everywhere! He is smart and has learned the routine quickly. He is a little chunky for his old joints so is really food motivated while on a diet!


Buster is a 15 y/o male who was found stray in Grand Prairie. He was in sad shape with super long nails, but he is looking good and his coat is filling in. He loves being in a place where there is a soft bed to sleep in wherever he looks!


12 y/o Bentley was found running in traffic in Sugarland. He was malnourished and in need of medical care! He is gaining weight and felling like a young pup now that he has a warm bed to sleep in and friends to play with..not to mention regular meals! He has an abdominal mass that will require surgery. We are unsure if he will be with us for hospice or just recovery until we find him a forever home. He is a delight!


Buddy is a 10 y/o male whose was returned after getting into a fight with the new lab puppy his family bought. This grouchy little man had found a family last spring when he suddenly developed a skin infection. It took month of treatment for his skin to heal up. He will be finished with the 6 months of antibiotics soon and will be posted for adoption again!


Hotchie is a 10 y/o boy whose owners moved to assisted living. He would not have done well there. Hotchie is blind and has arthritis. He will live out his life at the Bungalow! Hotchie is amazing in the way he can navigate around the yards using only his nose to guide him. Hotchie sounds the alarm when any one new is in his yard. He sounds the alarm until he gets a chance to get a good sniff of the new beagle and has approved of him/her!


Leo will be turning 16 years old this year. His mom recently was admitted to a long-term care facility. Leo is a sweet old boy who is very lively and smart. His appetite can be a little picky but then who wants kibble if there is shredded chicken to be had! He navigates the dog door to get to his favorite place to nap during the day and knows the routine in the bungalow at feeding time. A volunteer takes him to visit his mom a few times each month. Leo is enjoying his Golden Years with his new pack!