Caring for Feral Hounds

Our Mission Statement talks about providing long term care to hounds who are older or in need of extensive medical care.    What it fails to mention is the growing number of hounds that are rescued from situations where they have had no socialization.  Most of these feral dogs are comfortable with other dogs, but some have been on their own for so long that they are unable to trust their new pack mates or the humans that care for them. 

The Beagle Bungalow currently has 7 Permanent Fosters due to age and medical conditions, 4 seniors who are available for adoption and 5 hounds (the 6th one just went to a foster home) who need socializing.   They all will take time and patience.  They will learn to trust their caretakers by just observing how the others in the pack act around the humans.  The best medicine is people visiting so they get use to the fact that most people are kind and loving.  One thing they all master quickly is the dog door which gives them the freedom to scoot out and away from scary humans!  It also allows them to come in to cool off, find a soft bed to sleep in or pick a kennel for dinner time!!  Those who have adopted /fostered one of these beagles knows that it can take 1-3 years if not more for them to finally trust that they are going to live the Good Life forever! 

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